What to look for in a wedding photographer

What to look for in a wedding photographer

After the venue and the dress, wedding photos are one of the most important things to get spot-on when planning a wedding. But where to start finding a photographer, and what questions should you be asking?

Here are eight essential things to look for and ask about when choosing a wedding photographer:

A portfolio with images that match the mood you want for your day. To find a photographer who’s the perfect fit for your wedding, take a look in their portfolio. Look for images that match the mood and style that you want for your wedding photos.

Upfront pricing. Make sure you get clear details on all prices involved in your wedding photography package, from the photographer’s time to the cost of the photo album.

Creativity. If you don’t want your wedding photos to look like everyone else’s, choose a photographer with a spark of creativity about them, you will be able to tell this from their portfolio. Don’t go with someone too ‘wacky’ unless that’s what you want, or your photos could quickly turn from unique and interesting to weird and tacky.

Tailored packages. Your ideal wedding photographer will be someone who works alongside you to come up with a photo package that suits your budget and incorporates your ideas. It’s your wedding and photographers don’t come cheap but should not cost the earth, so make sure you have some input so you can get exactly what you want.

Someone you get on well with. This might not sound important, but remember that your wedding photographer is going to be a very involved part of your big day. For this reason, you shouldn’t go with a photographer that you dislike personally, as you’ll only end up associating your wedding photos with this feeling of dislike rather than the happy memories of the big day itself.

Based nearby. It’s not an essential, but it can be very handy to choose a photographer who lives near to your wedding venue. This makes it less likely they’ll be late or get stuck in traffic, and you can also call on them for a last-minute meeting or two at your wedding venue to talk about ideas for shots. So, for weddings in Leeds, for example – you should start your search for quality wedding photographers in Leeds and the surrounding areas before looking further afield.

Research wedding photographers. Like hairdressers, beauticians and just about every trade, some wedding photographers are better than others. It is therefore important that you do some research on potential photographers so you can differentiate quality wedding photographers from amateur ones.


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