Wedding Photography Trends 2017

Wedding Photography Trends 2017

More Authentic Pictures

Less people are opting for your classic “posed” pictures. Be it a family photo, wedding, or any other gathering you are having photographed – we are seeing a rising trend of photos taken in the moment. These pictures have more of a realness to them, providing a beautiful memento of any occasion. This trend is also perceived to become popular in other types of photography as well, including advertisements.

Black and White

Black and white used to be preserved solely for artistic shots, rather than mainstream photography. This year we are beginning to see black and white photography move into more of the mainstream, which we believe will continue to be on trend throughout next year. Expect to see full black and white photoshoots for family pictures and even weddings.


We are beginning to see this trend within advertisements as well as photographs from different events (even wedding receptions). Flash photography with even some hard shadows is becoming a popular way of photographing late night events, giving them a bit of an edge. Some photographers are beginning to experiment with their flash and multiple light sources. There is no harm in experimenting!


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